maria (2016)

HD video, color, sound, 8' 04"

In un luogo surreale, le lacrime di una donna producono un flusso travolgente. Ispirata a un dipinto di Francis Bacon, quest’opera è una riflessione sul dolore e la tristezza.

In a surreal, broken environment, the tears of a woman cause a tumultuous flow. Inspired by a painting by Francis Bacon, this work is a meditation on pain and sorrow.

Victor Morales (VENEZUELA)

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Victor Morales received a Law Degree from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in 1990. In 1992, Morales completed a Master’s degree in Technology Applied to the Arts at New York University’s Gallatin Division. He spent more than a decade in New York City. Since 2003, Morales, “has been obsessed with the art of video game modifications and has implemented different game engines into most of the works he has participated in or created.” His performances with game engines (in particular, CryEngine) have consistently challenged the nature of simulation. Morales has performed a number of solo shows in art galleries, festivals, and events, including Performance Space 122, The Little Theater in New York City, The Collapsable Hole in Brooklyn, and Gessner Allee in Zurich, Theater Freiburg, and The Hau in Berlin, where he now lives and works.

Nato a Caracas, in Venezuela, Morales ha ottenuto una Laurea in Legge presso l’Universidad Catolica Andres Bello nel 1990. Due anni dopo, Morales ha completato un Master in Tecnologia Applicata alle Arti presso la Gallatin Division della New York University. Ha vissuto per oltre una decade a New York. Dal 2003, Morales realizza modifiche di videogiochi, utilizzando i motori grafici tridimensionali per creare opere video. In particolare, le sue numerose performance  con i motori grafici (CryEngine in primis) mettono in discussione la natura profonda della simulazione. L’artista ha partecipato a numerose esibizioni collettive e personali a New York e nel resto del mondo. Le sue opere sono state presentate presso Performance Space 122, The Little Theater a New York City, The Collapsable Hole a Brooklyn, Gessner Allee a Zurigo, Theater Freiburg e The Hau a Berlino, dove oggi vive e lavora.