"Discovering the artistic nature of video games was a true revelation for me." (Camilla Baresani, IO Donna)

"This is not a historical overview. This critical exhibition demonstrates that game-based video art has reached its mature stage." (Marco Sammicheli, Il Sole 24 Ore)

"This exhibition investigates the dangerous liasons between video games and video art." (Valentina Tanni, ArtTribune)

"[GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY] demonstrates that the video game, one of the most interesting visual mediums of our generation, is far from being a standardized product. On the contrary, it is an open platform, a platform that can be transformed and remixed by clever practitioners to create a new form of contemporary art." (Michele Rota, be.beap)

"One of the ten must-see events of the XX1 Triennale International Exhibition." (Michela Tartaglino Mazzucchelli, Affari Italiani)

"The future of Game Art and Game Design is on display at IULM." (Arianna Panarella, Il Giornale dell'Architettura)

"Game Art is the real protagonist of this exhibition." (Il Giornale)

"A unique, surprising exhibition." (Marinica Digennaro, Wandernart)

"Of all the schools and universities involved in the XX1 Triennale, only IULM has produced a first-class show." (Simone Mosca, La Repubblica)

"Not to be missed." (Valentina Ferlazzo, La Repubblica Design)

"IULM university showcases a wide range of video installations created with video games." (Federico Pucci, ANSA)

"GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY: futuristic visions at IULM." (Annachiara Sacchi, Corriere della Sera)

"After twenty year hiatus, the Triennale Exhibition returns. With video games." (Rita Salvadei, ARTE MAGAZINE)

"Imaginary memories, failed futures, parallel realities, sinister fantasies, consensual hallucinations, and grotesque situations" (Gaz Magazine)

"When art meets video games." (Fabrizia Malgieri, GAME REACTOR)

"This original exhibition investigates the relationships between contemporary art and video games" (Claudia Silvestro, Il mondo in tasca)



Matteo Bittanti & Andrea Cancellato (IULM Communication)

Matteo Bittanti (DUELS)

Vincenzo Trione & Gianni Canova (IULM Communication)


"Video games as Art" (Armando Adolgiso)

"IULM showcases video installations created with video games." (Bit Culturali)

"GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY featured in the XX1 Triennale Exhibition." (Marco Arrigoni, ATP Diary)

"Games as videos" (WOW Ways of Working)

"Machinima festival at IULM" (Lucia Tozzi, ZERO)